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Table Tennis

Meets: Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays

Costs: Varies depending on group

Contact: Call Barton Road Centre on 01524 65622 for more details about each group

Our table tennis facilities at Barton Road Centre are excellent.  The tables are league standard (very good league standard actually!).  Our sessions are very popular.  Not only will you find excellent tables at Barton Road, you’ll also find excellent practice partners.

On Tuesday and Wednesdays, Lancaster and Morecambe U3A group runs four afternoon sessions which accommodates beginners, intermediate and advanced players.

Thursday afternoon’s group is aimed at people who have played before.

Table tennis is a great sport – you don’t need loads of kit and so it’s relatively inexpensive; you don’t need loads of physical strength to lift the bat or hit a ball, so it’s accessible to a wide range of people.  It’s a sport which most us will have had a go at at some point – either on holiday or at some youth club or other.  The really good thing is, it’s like riding a bike – you don’t really lose it.  Come along and have a go. There’s bound to be at least one group which will fit you!