Barton Road Community Choir meets every second and fourth Friday of the month. They have performed all over Scotforth to great critical acclaim.  It is universally accepted that they are indeed THE finest choir on Barton Road.

During the lockdown, Barton Road Choir has been coming together virtually to perform songs from their repertoire.

Today is your lucky day!  The first song they performed went down so well, they’ve only gone and done another one! This time, they have decided to give it a bit of Freddie!

Ironically, even though they are performing separately during lockdown, thanks to editing and technology, they have never sounded so together.

Don’t keep the phenomenon of Barton Road Community Choir to yourself – please share and inflict on others – who knows? you might just help Barton Road Choir go viral to help them reach beyond the Pointer Roundabout!

And if you enjoyed that one, there’s more! Watch Barton Road Choir’s first online performance of Stand By Me:

Who knows? There could be more!