The Future of Barton Road Community Centre

The future of Barton Road Centre is uncertain.  However, one this is for sure – Lancashire County Council have declared the building surplus to their requirements under their proposed buildings restructuring arrangements.  This means that other organisations can express interest in taking the building on.  However, whether that would mean that the building would continue to offer community provision is far from clear.

The County Council is currently running a consultation about the proposals to close buildings which will run until mid August.  If you would like to have your say on how you feel you will be affected by the closure of our community resource, or for that matter and of the other proposed closures, OR you have any suggestions of how they can improve the current situation, fill in the County Council’s on-line consultation document:  It only takes five minutes.


  1. It would be Criminal to close a resource that means so much to so many. The centre has a multipurpose facility and many of the Elderly rely on this resource for their social well being. It is always well run, welcoming and a great venue. Do not close another resource that enables so many social activities/events to enhance the lives of so many. It may end up costing more long term, so many elderly may need more services and input should they not have an opportunity to attend the social classes held there.

  2. Barton Road is a vital resource for so many people whose lives would be changed (for the worse) if this facility closes. A wide range of meaningful and valuable events and activities occur here making it a central hub for the local community. The centre is supported by a coordinator and volunteers. It would be a crying shame to see all this good will and amazing work disappear particularly when it could continue to operate in the future if the Council didn’t support its closure.

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